me and rebecca went down past the barn
to where them pretty little purple flowers grow

we was making a bow K for momma
and was gonna give daddy one too 

rebecca said pull them up from the bottom
so i got right down to the dirt, and pulled

roots and all

i said rebecca these aint gonna grow
no more if we pull up the roots

rebecca said shut your mouth emily
and grab some more

that was when i felt the bite
and looked down at my hand

i seen a black bug like
a spider, but round, like a ball

i did not mean to, but i shook it
off my hand, and smashed it with the other

goo went everywhere and the side
of my hand was black and goo

that was when i first felt the itch
so i scratched

but the more i scratched, the more
i itched until i was going crazy

me and rebecca run to momma in the kitchen
and gave her the flowers

i showed her my hand and she run it under the sink
then put a cream on it and pat it dry

momma said thank you girls for the flowers
where did you get them

rebecca said down by the barn and
emily pulled them up by the roots

momma got real mad and sent me 
to my room and i stayed there till supper

thinking about that bug and how sorry i was and how i ripped
its home right out of the earth and then smushed it

rebecca come in my room at supper time
to tell me to wash up

my momma washed my hands good that morning
but i could still see little black bug legs and guts

i reckon some things don’t wash off that easy