The mind has room for other variations:  

The moon’s leering eye  

How thoughts and prayers can glut a society like a backed-up sewer  

That man hawking bible verses above the farmers market chatter  

The cringe of children huddled in a classroom    fearing the thud of a boot     the stutter of            a gun  

The lottery ticket and the idiot  

A penny      once valued and shiny       now bypassed in some leaf-dappled gutter  

Remembering Hank Aaron’s sweet swing  

National Earthworm Day

Aung San Suu Kyi shuttered to house arrest (again)     

The Oh My! or Oh Crap! of love  

Deep siphoning of rights   

The blind eye of wrongs  

Thirteen ways of looking at galoshes  


The train set you got when you were ten that your father wouldn’t stop playing with  

Time and all its trickery  

The black hole of hot potatoes and dragons  

A knee to the neck of innocence  

That alluring luxury of lilacs  

Rainbows celebrated every month  

The rapture           verse             line              word