June 22, 2012
To The Young Man with Tourette’s Syndrome

Thanks to you and your friends
for being my only audience
at my first attempt to perform
stand-up comedy for 20 minutes.

For y’all’s sake I wish I had been funnier
because at your age, which I assume
was under the legal limit for being in a bar,
but y’all didn’t drink, life can be depressing.

The comic before me made fun of you,
but I engaged you.  I wish
I spent more time, letting you
and your friends know life sucks
just be present and do the best you can.

You said it didn’t work,
it was hairy and caterpillarish
and I say at least you have a pet,
don’t forget to take care of it.

As far as your tourette’s
make it your signature
toss your hair, you head, all you want
be a diva, and take all the
eff you’s that come your way
laugh and say back at you son-of-a-bitch.

Be afraid, but not so much
you stay hidden and out of touch.
This world needs more people
to care, be involved, be solution
makers, not the takers, or the hiders.
Don’t be too shy, and I thank the world
I know y’all are alive!!!