Rain dappled skies of winter,
to the one who wrapped me in a cloud of down.
He dressed in Hermes, Armani, Gucci
and left me alone at the Ritz.
Then left the world. 

Crisp ripening buds of spring,
Belong to another.
A rambling car, a high school crush
His kisses burned and taught me lessons
 on what should not be done.
Before he left me for another.
His mind has left him now. 

Burning leaves and pumpkin skies of autumn
Southern Indiana in a whirl of desire.
Convertible eternal through an everlasting sky.
I broke his heart and he broke mine.
And he is gone with the sun, the sky, the motorcycle and the night.
He took his tattered Levis and long-neck beer and left.
Forever gone but here . . . somewhere.

The marble stairs, the hallowed halls, the bluest sky of summer.
With optimism, hope, and youth we planned
to conquer worlds. But distance time and love and hate
and summer ended as did we.
The summer’s yours
   even though I am not.