“Babe I promise to show you the world.”
He did just that.
His cheffing took us to Six states in our first six years.
Our best travels were for pleasure.
He took me to jungles in Costa Rica,
cerulean waters in the Caribbean,
skull caves in Papua New Guinea,
jazzy boat ride off St. Lucia,
snorkeling in Great Barrier Reef,
serenaded by mariachi band during private beach dinner in Cozumel,
rum factory in Punta Cana where he bought my larimar earrings and
where we were the only Americans on a German tour…oops wrong van.

He taught me to go to the edge without fear.
God’s nature at my fingertips.
Ziplining 100 feet up in the jungles of Costa Rica
 Sharing the ocean with sharks
Skulking skull caves with locals
Riding a horse up and swiftly down a Costa Rican jungle
Eating conch and lion fish in strange lands
Being hosed by locals after a mud bath in warm springs
Getting lost from group tour to do our own thing
Holding a puffer fish
Witnessing a bait ball three feet from my face
Letting  capuchins jump on my head…

You gently nudged me to grab the thrills and leave my comfort zone.