On the way to your master’s
degree nursing class
you dropped your little boy
off at my house
to play with my small son

saying “Take care of my babies,
the girls are at the Thanksgiving
Parade.” I said “Of course” not
knowing the import of that
commitment. We could not know.

The oncoming car swerved
while the driver reached for his
dropped coke can, hit your car head on
tossing you from one side of the car to the
other causing massive head injuries
the state patrol officer
who first reached you told me
you spoke to him
of your children prior
to slipping into a coma.

I picked up your
teenage daughters and brought
them to the hospital, my
husband kept the little boys. You
died without the girls being able
to talk to you. The doctor came
to tell us, asked me to go
with him to call your out of state
husband saying he would
explain what happened,
then have me speak to him. We
went into a small room with a
phone on a desk, the doctor
punched in the numbers then thrust
the receiver to me saying, “you tell him.”