The warm blue cuts an arrow around the adjacent roofs
And the trickling zephyrs bring a melody to my throat

This kitten who coddles me both day and night
Stops me short with a Flop upon the floor
amid the wandering rolls of her cast-away hair, the pilling of her dry-clean only pajamas. It’s made clear I am to pet her now.

I have acquired nearly 50 wood frames today, and wrote a few songs, so I can’t say I’ve been useless. A longing is now quenched to clothe my painted children in blue and gold, while wondering at the coolness the colors bring in the tones. The lifting lightness of the breeze sings like young nuns escaping the abby.

I am humming
Dancing with the secret, hidden wildflowers, the spiders waving long and striped stockings.
Refreshed through my skin and eyes as if taking the first drink after a long time imprisoned.
The drape of the day mingles in color and dancing 
Soft and light as awakening from sleep.