If you’re at the computer or on a device right now,
Feel free to Google if these don’t ring a bell:

What if Czolgosz had missed?
What if Princip had missed?
What if Harding had lived?
What if Hitler had been killed during the Beer Hall Putsch?
What if Carole Lombard hadn’t died in a plane crash?
Might have to do some research on this one,
But word is that Shirley Temple might have been cast as Dorothy.

What if Tail Gunner Joe McCarthy had died in World War II?
What if Dewey had won the 1948 election?
What if Frank Sinatra hadn’t gotten the role in FROM HERE TO ETERNITY?
That last one doesn’t really count,
There’s no way he wouldn’t have gotten that role.

What if Oswald–or the grassy knoll shooter–had missed?
What if Dorothy Hunt’s plane hadn’t crashed?
What if Mark David Chapman had missed?
Actually, he wouldn’t have.
It was close range.

Guns, movies, planes and elections,
How big a role did they play in changing the course of history?