I sit with Self, collecting soul seeds scattered hither and thither, 
I’ve out grown my turf
Choked like a root bound, clamped down, regurgitating clown, about to drown 

Still same waters no wind in my sails  
stagnate water ripples an insatiable chant 
I, me, mine   I, me, mine   I, me, mine 

Screams bubble up to cut free
Unwrap the ankle chains
Untie the strangling cords choking a tired heart
Liven the warped state of dependent numb belonging

Push farther away from the gene-in-cest-pool
Clear icy waters warm a numbed body and soul

Take time to listen to prayers telling me I am a healer, one of Our Lady’s beloved roses

I wish I belonged to my own soul
Able to see visions beyond deceit and deception
to realize putting up with will never give me a seat at THE table

I was the daughter the sister to two who calculated to win

I got dirty as I sought the prize of belonging
I lugged the chains got used to the shackles ~ my duty
I couldn’t hug the freedom and steal my do aura away from the selfish savage assaults 

Now I live in the land of universal handshake
A place where we touch palm-to-palm, heart-to-heart
We’re all blood relatives, sisters, brothers, Ohana
We look into warm eyes feel our deep connection

Pain is not host on me
No longer need the armor of family’s obligatory shield

I’m open on a playing field of friendly inclusion
A soothing sojourn away from exclusion
A side of me inside I now embrace