Precursor: Jesus crawled on all fours to his mother’s house

,In front of God & Country,

to warn her about eating in front of him. 

Now she’s just standing there
not doing damn thing.

Watching. The Crucifixion. 

                           The quivering burro made the sound that burros make that no one remembers what it sounds like but can never forget when they hear it.

                                Clog dancing sounds exactly like the beating.

Everyone just watching. A zipper the sound of the crown of thorns being lowered onto a brow. No one does a damn thing … except stand there.

Gawking. Thinking. How awful? Hands and ankles being nailed to cross have no choice but to sound exactly like hands and feet being nailed to a cross. Somebody should do something. Then silence

as the spear piercing the skin produces the same sound as a foot stomping in the mud.

The crowd sighs.                                He remains loyal to the end.