I love mornings where time 
only exists when I realize my coffee has gone
cold while talking with you 
about life and dreams and how the world should be.

I love afternoons with sweat,
and dirt from the earth we work together
planting seeds and anticipating new life–
hoping for the growth to outweigh the loss
of our season of toil.

Yet — we also have grown mature enough to accept there are lessons in loss as well. 
As we take a break in the heat of the day and reassure one another that it is all
an experience and risk worth taking —
You remind me this is a safe place to rest.  

I love how the summer nights sneak up on us 
unexpectedly — with the splendor of cotton candy skies the color of fire— 
darkness  rolls in, but we are not without light. 
the moon shines as the stars dazzle, and the fireflies remind us of the glittering gold found in the treasures running around us— screaming with delight. 

I love the dreams that carry us to bed— 
shattered and longing for sleep.  
It is in these dreams that the world is defeated, and we renew our strength.  
It is in the darkness, that we find what arouses our souls & plows the way for the work of our heart.  It is beside you, I choose to be, as we- toil, rest, play, dream, & sleep.  

This is how you build a home, my love. This is where love grows deep. This harvest is not for just a season, but for the generations we will never see.