Poetry is….provocative said Shakespear to Romeo and Juliet….rudimentray to count numbers as to 1, 2, and 3, and Green Eggs and Ham I Am….lucid making a memory to comprehend memorization to slam before an audience to slam when rehearsed….lines becoming a beautiful system of morality veil in allegory and illustrated by a symbol as is “Nothing Is Just” by Nikki  Giovanni to finalize stanzas comprised as is one body.

A Poet is….Having nevers to rise before an occasion numbered by bodies in an audience dribbling words for the first time because, you to rap sonnets but speak Haiku’s….having the ability to confine emotions
to be released in words that draws a tear to a dry eye surrounded by desert boarders….to Jessica Helen Lopez, Black Ice, Saul Williams, Amir Sulaiman, Kevin Coval, Pam Novoa, and I, BlackTree.


Poetry Is a Poet….whose voice remains silent no more….where the stance of their levey is found firm in place against egotism set by dictatorship….Where hallelujah’s are not only shouts praising God, but becomes finger snaps to claps….as is to good and evil, because you can’t have one out do the other that takes control of something never theirs to take credit….For Poetry Is….A Poet to His or Her Words.