How do you figure out
We are the ones that win
When we’re left alone to hurt
And feel ashamed in our own skin?

You may take my photo,
You may even have it framed,
But do you really know how it feels
To feel nothing but ashamed,
To feel wrong for being you,
To hide behind yourself?

People may think you’re not being true
Or blame your mental health
Well I guess this is us
I guess this is who we are
But it never seems to end
Like wishing on a star.

So go ahead you mindless fool,
Judge me for what I am.
It’s time for me to be myself,
I really don’t give a damn.

I fight myself every day,
I don’t need to fight you too.
I just want to be my real self,
To be both real and true.

If you don’t like it,
You know you can walk by.
You do not need to abuse me
Or try to make me cry.

I am neither a woman nor man
What’s there to understand?
I am who I’m meant to be
As none of this was planned.

You are allowed to be yourself
And I’ll always leave you be
So now I’m going to be myself
Out, Loud, and finally Free