Does anyone remember that Chevrolet dealership
on the corner of Tighe Avenue
bald guy on tv in overalls, 
promised everybody rides, 
a car for all budgets
And his wife had a lot of work done 
And his daughter played college ball
And his son had a red cheeks and bowed chest 
like a reed curling back against a gale
who went to AA at 13 and had a funny way of speaking 
like words hung in a sputtering faucet, 
like air in the lines
like he’d seen a movie once
where a man told a woman
he felt safe with her

he memorized the line and said it
anytime a woman asked him 
What are you feeling?

He had a zippo lighter
with a green dragon

It was fuel for the soul
Quality guaranteed 
They stood behind every car

Does anybody remember the name 
help me out here
I’m no good with names
rhymed with get on my lot 
sounded like one beat smack
Jack Kain
Sam Cummins
Tom Gray
Don Jacobs
Rod Hatfield
Jeff Harvey
Jack Buford
James Collins
Don Franklin
Paul Miller
Bob Hook

I’ve been thinking about those deals 
and looking for
great prices
great deals 
great service