You are breath    
made of the finest woven light    
the mouth of the dark with its shiny moon teeth   
You will not always be lost    
There are always flowers      
for the land is a speaker  
of the worship places    
Story will always find you  
take you over the edge    

Someone is always leaving 
You grow tired of the heartache
The heart is a fist
caught in a knot of regret
Memory, pieces of gold confetti,   
opens all the doors of our hearts    
a way to dance through the heavy mess    
In the immense house of beauty and pain     
each of us is a wave in the river of humanity    
Make an alliance     
with its thousand arms     

You must be friends with silence to hear    
winds becoming words    
the raw stalks of beginning    
a singing tree   
every cell of creation opening its mouth  
to sing us into love    
like a seed falling where there is  
a song emerging from the floods   
In the song of beyond, how deep we are     
in the fog of hope