They say that the nervous system 
Takes over so that you run
To escape
Even if you don’t want to,

But you didn’t run.
You casually walked,
Like a toddler who doesn’t 
Have full motor control yet,

In a circle, stopping in front of 
A roadside table with a plastic cloth,
Turned to face the street 
As if you meant to,

Your feet rooted like fiery trunks
While every other joint waved
Like paper in flame, sparking and 
Rising, no voices in the vacuum –

Not even the cameraman spoke
As he stepped back but around for 
A better astonished, mesmerizing
Shot, transfixed by sheer horror.

Your reason mattered to you, 
I know.
But as you melt joint by joint onto the
Concrete sidewalk soundlessly,

All I know is
No reason is reason enough.