I wish that you’d come back to me.


I wish your romantic words would stop

echoing in my head.


I wish your memory didn’t taste so sweet.


I wish you’d send me a message

even if it’s goodbye.

Then maybe I could move on.


I wish I could stop checking

every day

to see if you sent me anything.


I wish I could forget you.


I wish I could find someone else

but there’s no shortcut

through missing you.


I wish I could delete

what you wrote me

instead of rereading it

and living inside it.


I wish we could have a last


instead of this silence.


I wish you could see

how miserable

you’ve made me.


I wish I could get an apology

but no one apologizes

for anything

any more.


I wish I knew

what I was to you

instead of wondering.


I wish I could process

all these feelings

a lot quicker.


I wish you’d have mercy on me

and just say something.