First, I thought we would be informed. 
We were not. 

Second, I thought pride would dictate good sense. 
It did not. 

Third, I thought samily would win out. 
It has not. 

Fourth, I hoped the trumpet would hit high notes.
Alas, the trumpet stayed sour. 

Fifth, I turned to mainstream media for truth.
They seem as confused as the time itself. 

Sixth, Fox harassed truth-tellers from their post.
Now are left sans brakes, edits or vision. 

Seventh, CNN searched to find impeachable guilt.
Alas, it must be hidden in committee memos. 

Eighth, four house elections later and we still sleep. 
Now only Netflix and shopping awaits my eager click. 

Hearing a fairy tale of the naked emperor, once childish
Folly today chills an empty, hornswoggled electorate.

From a long sixteen years of leader demeanor
We woke to insult, mania psycho tilt and tweet. 

Rip slept for twenty, a solution adopted whereby
I hope to need but four. I will pray and say, 

“Now I lay me”  wake me to a humane republic
With recovered senses and restored good manners. 

Is there one among us, who will reveal the naked
Truth, or will we all bow to this contagion of ennui?