I’ve tried to shed this skin I’m in
Time and time again
It grows back, thicker
It grows back, stronger than ever before.
One day, maybe someday soon,
I’ll bid my farewells to this shell I live in.
I’m always reaching.
I’m always searching.
Longing for something here.
One day, I’ll believe it was worth the time.
Worth every ounce of happiness, loneliness,
the regrets,
the anger,
the fears.
Worth all the pain, and all the love,
and tears.
I’m waiting.
Patiently I lay here and rest my head.
I’m waiting.
No longer unsatisfied with this life I’ve lead.
I can almost see it.
Just beyond the months, the time.
I can almost feel it.
Retracing the memories in mind.
I’m waiting.