What if you were my destiny?

And what if I missed you?

And I’ll never know

how good it feels to kiss you?


What if you were my soulmate?

And love passed us by?

And I’ll miss you forever

until the day I die?


What if you were the one

specially chosen for me?

What if you and I

were supposed to be?


I wish I’d known I love you

when you were still here,

someone so precious,

someone so dear.


I wish I’d asked you

out on a date.

I wish it wasn’t

already too late.


I hope you got

everything you deserve.

Someone to love you,

a lover with curves.


Someone to make sweet love

every night to you.

I wish I could be that one

and find out if it’s true.


What if you were my love

and I found out too late?

Why was I so shy?

Why did I wait?


When I came out,

you were my first fantasy.

I wish you’d come back,

back here with me.


Memories of you

swirl in my head.

Dreams of you laying

here in my bed.


You were everything

I ever wanted.

Now my heart

feels lonely and haunted.


I miss the times

we never had.

I let you fade.

Now I want you so bad.


I’d do anything,

I’d go anywhere,

to kiss your lips,

run my hands through your hair.


I’d love you fully.

I’d love you right.

Give you sweet kisses

every single night.


I’d be your girl.

I’d be your guy.

I’d give you wings,

help you to fly.


What if you

were meant to be mine

forever and ever

‘til the end of time?


What if we messed up?

What if you’re gone?

What if I turned something so right

into something so wrong?


I wish I could go back

and see you again,

see if we’re something

more than just friends.


What if we lost decades

because of my hesitation?

And I’ll live forever

with this frustration?


My lonely heart calls you.

Please come back to me.

Please come and save me.

Not having you is misery.


But there is no answer,

no call on the phone.

And so I’ll wait here

for you all alone.