that ends with a wall of windows, soaked in exterior light, surely a full moon? Much of the interior space empty. A china hutch we can’t see into. An empty mantel, large painting on the wall above, or is it a framed mirror pulling the outside in?

A glide of light enters the fireplace, as if kindling a blaze there. Rectangular table for two set with one clear drinking glass, an empty breadbasket, a vase not nearly full of flowers. A white lace tablecloth hangs further down one side, inches from floorboards the color of the sea, each pointing outside. And why wouldn’t they? The trees lure us with their green-black gleam.

Moonlight flows over everything, streams through high stained-glass windows, hurls hazy pink and orange splotches through the gauzy tablecloth.

They’ve carried chairs to the patio, gaze at midnight blue between branches, pinpricked with stars or fireflies Luminous floor planks wait for the couple’s return. Will they dance on their wide expanse?

~ Inspired by the painting “Room in Early Summer” 2018-19 by Simeon Nijenhuis