The first 3 days after a victim of domestic violence leaves her partner are the most volatile. These are the 3 days she is most likely to lose her life.

The number one cause of death for women by an intimate partner is strangulation (not to be confused with choking, which is a natural occurrence rather than homicide or attempted homicide). 

Unconsciousness occurs within 11 seconds.

15 seconds can lead to stroke.

20 seconds can result in both cardiac arrest and brain damage.

Death occurs within minutes of unconsciouness and takes only the pressure of a man’s firm handshake, either to the carotid arteries, the jugular, or the trachea.

After an incidence of strangulation, the victim’s chance of homicide from strangulation by the same partner rises 800%, while the chance of recurring strangulation rises 700%; thus, if you are a victim of strangulation, you are highly likely to die by homicide.

In addition to questions pertaining to loss of consciousness and bodily functions, a 
Strangulation Reference Guide by the Strangulation Training Institute in San Diego, California, recommends asking a surviving victim the following question: What made the offender stop strangling you?


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