What would I do if you walked into my work,

that sweet, shy smile on your face?

What would I do if you declared your love for me,

three decades too late?


What would I do if you finally took me out to dinner,

gave me that first kiss?

What will I do if I keep asking myself

questions like this?


What would I do if I saw on you the street?

Would I let you pass on by,

afraid of what could be?


What would I give if I could see your face again

and hear your voice?

What would you say to me?

Would I be your choice?


What would I sacrifice to have you?

What would I pay to be yours?

Why do I bruise my fists

knocking on closed, locked doors?


Why have I never met another like you?

Everyone has a doppleganger

but you.

The ex-girlfriend I thought was so special,

I’ve seen her in a hundred faces.

But why have I never met another you,

another man who makes me feel this way?

And what if I never do?


How would both our lives have changed

if I’d just had the nerve to tell you?

Do you ever think about me?

Do the menories make you smile?


If we were together,

how would we express

our love for each other?

What would your pet name for me be?


Would a lifetime be enough to

give you all my love?


When will I stop imagining

beautiful futures

we could have had?


And the hardest question is:

how do I live without you?