Stirring in ash, I awake
within the charred body
of my former self,
fire’s last consumption
before the world escaped with my flame.
Desires unmet
charted a new course
through the valley of death.
I found a place to lie down,
preparing for the long anticipated act
of self immolation.
Far as I know,
I did everything I could have possibly done
flying through the four corners
of the earth
for you.
I knew I was going down
as feathers floated away
All I had for comfort
in the bottom of that dessicated valley
was the conviction
that I always flew straight.
I just didn’t have the strength
to finish the journey.

Yet it’s a sense of mission,
of potential unfulfilled,
forcing me to rise
once more fledgling,
studying cloud and wind
to find my new direction.
I now stretch my wings
trying to remember what it takes
to lift a soul to heaven.
I’m hoping to relearn fire as passion
and not as a waning flame
waging war with winter’s might.
All I’ve needed
is the spirit granted
by a beautiful heart
who believes in me.
Then, altogether again,
I’ll once more take charge
of my limitless skies.
And many watching
will have no idea
that I just survived death.