I am getting used to feeling like I am constantly on edge
Like life is spinning out of control
Like I will explode if I get one more piece of bad news
Like life is stacked against me

Yes, I have faith that I will be ok,
that things will work out,
that God is with me in this journey
that life is still good

Some days it feels like I can’t get a deep breath
like my heart is fluttering
like I am lightheaded and am going to pass out
but physically I am fine

My heart rate is high but strong and steady
my oxygen levels are fine
I am healthy and on the outside
things are fine

But inside is another story
my mind is racing
all of life’s issues running on a constant loop
I feel like a mess

People say to just “Deal with it”
I am trying my very best
I have seen a therapist,
I take meds, and check in frequently with others

Mental Health is very important
If you know someone struggling,
don’t judge or tell them to get it together 
Really listen to them, or just hold their hand