First and foremost,
no matter how bad the day gets,
it has to end sometime.

There’s nothing wrong
with making mistakes.
Chances are
someone has already screwed up
the same way you screwed up,
possibly worse,
and they were fine.

Just don’t make any of the big mistakes.

Be mindful of the reality you’re in.
Stressful days may happen,
but if your job is flipping burgers
or stocking shelves
or shipping boxes
or some other mundane thing,
it’s going to be all right.
If there’s not some form of life on the line,
yours shouldn’t be either.

Job security can be pretty simple;
just show up
and do your part.

But be vigilant
for the day that may bring
Always have a plan to fall back on.

It’s never as bad as you think.

Remember, real life
doesn’t follow your ideals.
When you form a great plan
building toward some success,
something will go wrong
before you’re a quarter
to halfway there.

If you don’t have control
you don’t need to try and control
whatever might be going wrong.
Do your part
and let the people above you do theirs.

Above all, though,
Remember this.
No matter how bad the days get
they have to end sometime.