You walk beside me

everywhere I go.

We haven’t met yet

but you’re already in my heart.

I think about you all the time,

how wonderful you are.

I feel you hold me in my sleep.

I talk to you in the car.

I feel your love already

and I’ve never even seen you.


You walk beside me,

giving me courage and strength.

You help me become the person

I’m supposed to be.

I’m in love with your essence,

your aura,

this feeling of being close to you.


The thought of you

carries me through bad days.

I share my joys with you

and everything seems right.


You walk beside me.

I can’t see you

but I know that you’re real,

that your love is already in my life,

that you’re already helping me.


You comfort me when I am sad or scared,

the way you will in person

some day.


I love you for everything

we’re going to be



You walk beside me

until the day we walk hand in hand.