Bio for 2023

part tree,<br />part protoplasmic spunk,<br />part inchoate dryad’s saddle, cudding a madder-licked flange of buttery muslin<br />clipped and ribbed to dissemble a swollen stock submerged amid gnats in molasses,<br />part of a gripple collective of reticent choir boys <br />hobbling virulent Tuvan throat song, <br />cobbling strips of gritted and sallowing psalms<br />with spittle and<br />what’s the difference<br />to furnish a meager fleet of simply simpering topeng,<br />all of which Judith Bliss;<br />part ant, part frog, <br />part muttering myrmidon;<br />part manx , part malamute; <br />part of a party of one<br />that asks for additional lemons<br />and sugar abounding<br />the weight of a gurgling ant hill<br />only to suckle one witless sip for innumerous seconds,<br />though only innumerous in that it seems so peerlessly boring, <br />only to elbow it over and<br />quietly<br />hint at another<br />by scraping its teeth with a wizened straw—<br />part agate, part smoldering spall of tarmac;<br />part its ribs with a desolate gesture; part of the aggregate <br />birdsong; part persimmon,<br />just par for the course, you see—<br />and with a deforméd ear, to boot.

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To share and relish in seasonal verse. Please, and thank you.

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