Trish Lindsey Jaggers

Bio for 2023

Trish Lindsey Jaggers is a Kentucky-born feminist poet, educator, amateur photographer, and vintage/antique/primitive collector. She earned her two undergraduate degrees (AS and AB) at WKU and an MFA in creative writing (poetry emphasis) from Spalding University.
Her work has appeared or is upcoming in Kentucky Monthly Magazine, Pirene's Fountain; New Millennium Writings (winner of the NMW Poetry Award #26); 'Merica Magazine; The Briar Cliff Review; The Louisville Review; The New Southerner; The Red Rock Review; Clackamas Literary Review, and other journals and anthologies.

Her chapbook, De-Composition: Rigor Mortis (a finalist in the NaPoWriMo contest) was published in 2019 by Local Gems Poetry Press, NY, and Holonym, Poems, was published by Finishing Line Press in 2016.
She’s currently working on Birdshot: The Pellet Poems, narrative poems in her mother’s voice: poems that retrace the woundings from many, many little pellets—injuries that had her redirecting her pain (physically) onto her adopted daughter—woundings that culminated in a fatal self-inflicted gunshot.
Trish Lindsey Jaggers’ “Crazy Eights” writing motto insists on intricate simplicity:
“Write so an eight-year-old can read it,
an eighteen-year-old can understand it,
and an eighty-year-old will have lived it.”

Reason for signing up:

I signed up because, while writing is indeed a solo occupation, words should never exist in solitary confinement.

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