I had the same experience
with a 16-year-old polygamist girl
in a Jeep one night.

She might have been 17.
We’d been making out
for about an hour.

No, they’re not Mormons.

And it’s snowing.

It’s all over Texas already.

So I’m running around the church
and they’re speaking in tongues.
Speaking in tongues,
shit’s fucking real!  

There were no snakes and shit!  

It was PTSD shit!  

You do know I was raised Pentecostal?    

I don’t understand.
What’s in the Kool-Aid?
Because I’m drinking it
and I’m not falling out.  

I think God is just shaking his head,
because he didn’t even create
the God damn church.  

He may not even be there.    

-Maggie Brewer