Christopher McCurry wanted me to have the sign-ups open by May 1st. But because I’m re-writing a lot of the code for this year’s Writing Challenge, I accidentally opened the flood doors a few days early. Congratulations to Hugg for signing up before I had the chance!

So, instead of closing the doors, I figure’d we could just roll with it. But you have to make me a promise: if you see anything wonky, or something doesn’t work the way you’d expect, let me know. I’m going to be ironing out the bugs (that’s how metaphors work, right?) throughout the event. Plus, I’ll be introducing a few new features over the upcoming weeks.

Please send us all of your feedback by clicking here and filling out the form. And as always, feel free to spread the word and make this the best Lexington Poetry Month Writing Challenge ever!


Bronson O’Quinn