When I first coded this site, I had no idea what I was doing. In my mind, everyone came to this site on their cheap ACER laptop and viewed the site at a low resolution. As it turns out, not everyone uses a computer optimized only for Minesweeper. Most people, my research has shown, read this site on their phones.

In fact, 55% of viewers this year have come to the site through their phone. Of those 55%, nearly 80% are using an iPhone. Now, learning this doesn’t mean that I’m going to give preference to Apple users (don’t worry, Androids!). What this means is that I need to make sure that, when people view the site, they’re getting the best experience possible for that device.

Welcome to the mobile theme! If you saw the headline on Facebook (because 80% of readers come from Facebook first) and decided to check it out on your phone, you’re currently looking at the mobile theme! It’s not perfect, but it’s a start.

If you aren’t on your phone, here’s what it now looks like:

One of my the main concerns I’ve talked about with Christopher McCurry is that people who are writing their poems are working within a very specific width. When you make a line break in our text editor, it’s intentional! Because of the nature of technology and how text gets re-sized and re-oriented as screens change size, you can’t guarantee that a poem will maintain it’s line breaks.

Fortunately, I thought about that!

We are now introducing alternate views for poems on LexPoMo.com!

Above all poems, you’ll now see two big, grey buttons. If you tap/click on the vertical arrows, you’ll view the poem like a normal webpage. That is, it’ll break the lines at the edge of the screen.

But if you tap/click the horizontal arrows…

It’ll go the width of the original poem editor (620 pixels) and you can scroll! You can tap the buttons to go back and forth between them, too.

I honestly don’t know if this is the best feature, but it’s a start. Let me know how you like the new mobile view in the comments below (you might have to clear your browser’s content cache in order to see it). If you want to message me personally, you can use the Contact page. And if you want to contact Christopher McCurry, you can email him by clicking here.