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I have witnessed and experienced many kinds of pain
physical pain
emotional pain
the pain of grief
the pain of loss of many different things
but I think the hardest kind of pain to deal with is
pain experienced by someone you love


Cut through the Bullshit

It’s time to open up my veins again;
cut through the Pollock of my thoughts
so I can get to the truth.

I push the people I love                    away
I’m afraid of taking off the mask.
Afraid of wearing my heart on my sleeve.
Afraid of exposing anything vulenerable because

I’m convinced they’ll leave. 
So I make them leave.
I distance, I lie, I ignore.
So they have no choice and I reaffirm my fear. 

Only, it’s all subconsciously. 
I don’t realize I distance,
I don’t understand why I lie,
I don’t notice I ignore. 

So how do I cut through the bullshit? 
How do I hold the ones I love close? 
How do I offer up my heart when it’s still bleeding? 


A Visit

sitting in a room 
with two women
that have known 
each other 
for so long
but lived an 
ocean apart
I’m ignorant
to all the details
but looking 
at their faces
and how they 
look at a room
there was a lot
they each 
had to go through

watching them now
laugh at a table
over small town
Italian food
while their kids
are worn out
draped across
the couches
no fear of violence
blank stares
soaking up screens

I know
there’s nothing
at that moment
that could be more


Dear Summer

The air smells warm

And a thousand lighting bugs surround me

I get up early and get home late,

I worry that summer is fading quickly


Something about this season,

Makes me feel so alive

To spend my entire day outside,

To feel like a kid again with no priorities

Dear summer, please slow down








A Heat Wave Lament

The heat lays across the state like a blanket
and I hide indoors. It’s better this way
when even the birds reserve their song.
If only I could unset the thermometer
and control the thermostat of the planet
like a great cosmic daddy in his grubby clothes,
I’d turn the thing down, bill be dammed. 


Kentucky Basketball

Go Big Blue
Big Blue Nation
Blue,  White
Fight, fight, fight!

Fans crowd into Rupp Arena
Ready to cheer on their Cats
To victory
SEC Championship
Regional Championship
Final Four Appearance
NCAA Championship #9

All come to each game
To get a glimpse of the Big Blue Wild Cat Dynasty

The Kentucky Wildcats

Go Big Blue
Big Blue Nation
Blue, White
Fight, fight, fight!

We are UK


A Letter from Victor Frankenstein

My Dear “Adam”, as you once requested,

Without suspicion
as you slept at heaven’s door
I reshaped nature

in the darkest night
electricity’s embrace
stirred your tender heart

as your brain concurred
you became my greatest Art
and then you awoke

trapped in a dark dream
there’s no undoing what’s done,
I do have my regrets

because I’m to blame
you live in your loneliness,
must hide far away

when I think of you
I call myself a monster
do you ever dream

do you imagine
what is it to be human
I long to see you

again we will meet
now my carriage has arrived
I will write again,

With a tortured heart,
May this letter sooth your soul,
Victor Frankenstein


Pyrotechnic Garden

Fireworks bloom in twilight fields,
petals wilting in fizzling sparks
that blink like pixies 
and fade into dawning dusk.


Let Go, Begin Again

Where did it go? Where did I go?
Where do we go when we’re lost and lonely
Fallen dreams you were certain were there

Then gone, lost
Lost in a crash
Totally smashed
Walk away, walk away

There’s the process of forgetting
Letting it go, moving on
Not always that easy

Was the dream as big as you
Could you fit in the driver’s seat
Handle all the gears
Turn the steering wheel
Who is steering anyway

Was it the passengers
Obnoxious back-seat drivers
Arguing for control of your destination

Whatever it was
I know you were there
Attempts were made
You were big enough
Strong enough, bright enough

Now, this time, know better
We are ready
We can dream, we can try again