The Bones of Winter Birds
The Hour of Departure
Grief and Other Animals
These Terrible Sacraments
Time and Distance
Wider than the Sky

This Apiary
Many-Storied House
One Throne
Dreamland For Keeps
Outposts on the Border of Longing
The Nights, The Days
How Darkness Enters a Body

~ Created from titles of chapbooks and collections, in order of appearance (including title): Robert Murphy, Ann Fisher-Wirth, Patricia Fargnoli, Megan Mary Moore, Christina Lovin, Sonja de Vries, Patty Paine, Kathleen Thompson, Colleen S. Harris, Nancy Chen Long, Allie Marini, George Ella Lyon, Rae Hoffman Jager, Sarah Nichols, Roberta Schultz, Kathleen Thompson, Sarah Nichols.