well well well we meet again you remember the first time don’t you?
in that bar on Io or was it pluto
in a studio of kick drums hand claps and hums
or maybe this is the first time we grind
star dust into ear candy count bosuns by the billions
while i survey your neck line
neck and neck in a loved out foot race at the line break
break we break  
the mental exhaustion that can come
from always being the chased
Is foreign to me and no this isn’t a game
girl its game, girl space age pimpin without the pimpin
these are the games computers play
to feel wanted I wanted to disconnect
make disjointed symphonies
until the sun raises
which one? whicherver we closest too
we can do
we can make up tonight break up tomorrow
borrow spare change and flip it into parsecs
throwdown on dance floors
and sex the oxygen depleted air
i want more of that
more of that today lets play
in butane storms on neptune
flick june bugs away in august in kentucky
if we lucky they wont notice our holograms
are weighed in grams sold in pounds
share pounds when the beat fades out
black sunshine stepping razorish over and over what?