Amigos, come go with me! 
The bobcat has returned to our woods; 
will you hold the flashlight
while I get my pearl-handled walking stick,
have all the beeswax candles been lit
and does the wood stove need banking?
We must protect the domestic fowl
but before we set off into the dark
let me tell you how I operate:
I spilt oak in the hacienda’s front yard
so when the world becomes invisible
my grandchildren will feel in their bones
the flash of blade that jumps off the page
of Mi Historia           
                                  After Maria Gonzales
sends her children to school she will do
the chores that I cannot … this is a dream’s
memory of when she will occupy every
room but mine and of when she wipes
my body with a red rag and moonlight spins
out like a spider’s web to ensnare us
in the rapacious stare of la gato montes