I want your copy.

I want your clone.

If you had a twin,

I’d never leave him alone. 


I just can’t

get enough of you.

If one’s this good,

then imagine two.


You’ve got me seeing double.

That’s fine with me.

I want as many of you

as there can be.


You and me

and a small army

of lovers who look just like you

is fine with me.


A sweet little orgy

just for two,

me and you and you

and you and you and you.


I’ve got love

for every version of you.

So bring ‘em all on,

see what this heart can do.


I’m writing you

these verses,

reaching out to you

across all universes.


I want to meet

every parallel you.

And make love to them all

if they want to.


Consent is sexy.

Consent is cool.

So come on, baby,

let me be your fool.


I want all of you.

Yes, every bit.

You’re the bad habit

I can never quit.


I’m as happy

as I can be.

If I smiled any bigger,

there’s be two of me.


You’re the Betty

to my Barney Rubble.

You’re two too much,

You’re my double trouble.


I love you with the heat

of a thousand suns

for the thousand different ways

you make my life fun.


I want a hundred of you

so I’ll never be lonely.

But I will settle for

the one and only.


You’re the original.

No one can compete.

You’re the one who came

and made my life complete.


So put your hand

inside of mine,

I love you in any number

‘til the end of time.