In the beginning, we were one love,
who, after eternities together,
wanted more love.
So we said Yes. Then 
we separated ourselves
into light and darkness.
We were dawn and we were dusk.
Our fingers interlaced
at the edges of everything.

At a distance, I looked on your light, and I saw you
beautiful in ways I’d never known. You pondered
my dark complexity, defined the many edges of me.
We began this slow dance, arms encircling space.

Carefully we turn, observing
the worlds birthing between us, watching 
innumerable lives mirror every detail of our own. 
They expand it, they explain it, they expose it,
they live it, live it, live it — 
they live it to the end.
When they die, they die our love.

All our births are infinite agony.
All our deaths bliss.