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Lexington Poetry Month

The Great Leap Forward


the Great Leap Forward out
                 of the gothic South

                        of Jones Street
to Broadway’s model home
         with arched doorways
                    leaded windows
                   a shower curtain and dad
  starving children of China
                               over peas

4 responses to “The Great Leap Forward”

  1. Douglas E. says:

    Love the form, the flow, and the poem. Nicely done.

  2. Sylvia Ahrens says:

    Why were we always willing to send the peas to China? (Reminds me of A Christmas Story with the mashed potatoes.) The brevity speaks volumes!

  3. Kathleen Gregg says:

    Just the little reminder. This poem hits the mark!!

  4. Larry Wheeler says:

    (Our starving children lived in India and coveted my green beans.) So much of our culture conveyed in so few lines! Neatly done.

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