flaming pears
of wisdom
or was it pearls

sage insight
tiny piece of plastic
we must have lost it in translation

kicklines are encouraged
but never required

the international space station 
passes every 90 minutes

now, time

. . / . – . . / – . – –

we don’t need artificial light,
our eyes adjust

ripest, juiciest, most succulent 

you always have a helper
in this story
never alone

when do we adjust
to this tradition without your cadence?

tradition carries on

your wife:
sharing words of hope and peace,
serving others,
telling your famous tale

your daughter:
enthusiastically singing,
sharing poetry,
laughing along

it’s easy to hear:
the trumpeting in the distance
the smell of a sweet cake
you are never far

I’ll put on the coffee,
strong enough to chew

We will wait near the fire
for your signal;
a naval salute

to really go mad:
listen to the rhythm 
and see rightly 

for life:
(et. al.)
thank you