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Lexington Poetry Month
garden vs garden
article by
stefani heller

some people plant their flowers
lined up like soldiers
all standing at attention
waiting for the call to be “at ease”

i prefer to scatter my seeds
and enjoy the surpise 
as the blooms appear 
wherever however they please

4 responses to “garden vs garden”

  1. Amanda Holt says:

    I read this as a metaphor for sex and reproduction because of the connotation of “spreading seeds”. Not sure if it’s what you were going for, but there is confidence in the poem either way!

  2. Mary Owens says:

    I like the poem and the sentiment. Rows of flowers at attention make me uneasy!

  3. stefani heller says:

    Amanda, i really was going for the garden thing, but you i can see how you saw what you did!!

    Mary, thank you, and i feel the same way.


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