In a honeymoon town
Sun burns soaked.
I didn’t mind them:
The heat, a quiet
Haze of calendula,
And sticky aloe,
The crushed bodies
Of male mosquitoes 
Sheathed in the door
When the Elantra’s
Windows roll down.
Singing hyperpop 
And shoegaze
As we let the gulls
Chase our car 
To the bay
To watch a redneck
Burn holes in the sky,
Palms silhouetted
In technicolor fire.
Your outline torches
Through my shut eyes
And glass of Arizona tea.
You look too untouched
By sand and sun and salt
To be here in the dunes.
Your breath tastes sweet as
Affogato and cookie dough
In a double scoop
With just a hint of
The melted cherry lip balm
Glistening at your Cupid’s bow.
Your hands feel like sunshine
Soft and satisfying;
And when you leave
Your absence burns,
Stinging and blistering,
And I itch to peel away
Every part of my skin
You have touched
And loved.