Look them up, they’re just roaches. 
A rose by any other name…
But in the low country they’re a fact. 
Raid the fridge at 2am, and you’re
likely to dodge a B52 before you tip 
back that milk carton. And it’s nothing
to do with cleanliness, come right
up through the drains and disappear
through a slit your grout you didn’t
know you had. Just tonight, I went
to fill up my water glass and saw two
checking out the clean dishes.
Will I knock a star off this Airbnb?
No, those aren’t roaches, they’re
Palmetto Bugs, named after that
beautiful tree on South Carolina’s 
state flag. It’d be like criticizing
the roadside stand for boiling peanuts.
But, in the morning, I won’t be using
that measuring cup for my yogurt.