“Mama, Papa, he wants to marry me.”
Ann was old enough, for sure, but
How do you say yes to the only child.
Family’s hope, dreams going out the door.  

Mama pondered through her salty tears,
Her solution devised to fit those dears,
Pa and I will stay right close to stand guard
You may marry, but cannot leave the yard.  

Ann left her parents’ house, only on the day
Her house heard the last nail strike.
Six Rooms, a nice porch and best for all not
Fifty feet from those who could not let her stray.  

Anywhere not out of sight and sound and steps.
Worked fine for the longest  time, kids had two places
To call home, the grands were never alone.
Spoiled They were, I guess, blessed with Ma’s good graces.
But as they will, kids did grow and paid no attention
To rules about where they could wander.
Pa and Ma with broken heart and failing strength
Soon left their precious yard for good and ever.  

Houses still sit there now with other folks, we might
Wonder why with all that land they sit so close, 
Not understanding the human heart and how
One child can command such a building plan.