OPEN: personal log

i am enjoying my
current mobile sensory input
and material manipulation unit (CMSIMMU: “sim-sim-oo”).

most call these a “human body”,
having forgotten we are 
eternal beings,
operating this flesh only
a brief moment.

i remember
the times before this time;
other units
i have inhabited.

also, i have the manual.

i have already chosen
my next unit–
a deep sea slitherfish
in a water world
near Andromeda.

my current model works fairly well.
sensory input includes a very narrow band of 
the electromagnetic spectrum humans 
call “visible light”.
auditory input is across a limited frequency range,
with dual curved collection devices (“ears”) that spin
the sound inside the head for decoding.

an orifice called a “mouth” that can 
generate communicative sounds and intake
food, liquids, and the various gases 
inside this planet’s atmosphere. In a
fun twist on galactic norms, this
“mouth” can function as an arousal point
and sex organ.

i could go on (for example,
detailing a fascinating system
called the “big toe”), but, since i am
overdue for a sensory experience
known here as a “bowel movement”,
i will end with a note
about “hands”.

this CMSMMU features dual extension
arms with fine-featured grabbers humans call
“hands” mounted at the end.
you can do nearly anything with 
these babies. God gets an A+ for these.

in fact, i do nearly all my material manipulation in this plane
with these “hands”, each of which has
four relatively independent fingers
and an opposable thumb–

just this morning, i used these in mastering an art-sound
instrument called a “piano”.
they need one of these on Tyrlphfghntwmt,
where the dominent species
enjoys eighty-eight digits.

i am registering lower torso pressure,
so i must go for now.
i will add more information on my CMSIMMU
before the next solar spin.

CLOSE: personal log