Frisky & me, we got a plan.
We’re taking Insta & TikTok
by storm, baby! We’re gonna have
millions of followers and a ton
of corporate sponsors who’ll pay
big bucks for every post about me
& my cat, who’s very photogenic
& what a sense of humor! Just
look at those whiskers! See what
he can do with a ball of string!
We are aspirational, dude, which is why
we’ll post content at least twice a day
so our followers can like & share
each tasty new morsel with their own
followers & their own cats. Gotta feed
the beast, but also keep it hungry
by staying just a bit mysterious,
teasing our peeps with hints
of an exciting new opportunity 

for Frisky & me, which may or may not
include a seven-figure book deal
for a memoir of our lives together
& all we overcame to get here.
We’ll debut at No. 1 on the Times
bestseller list, hang out with Whoopi
& Joy on The View & share a clip of our
new Netflix series with Tom Hanks as me,
Frisky as himself. I might even run
for president with Frisky as my running
mate, daring voters to make America
cute again. If we don’t win, we’ll urge
our followers to storm the Capitol
in catsuits & turn the whole place into
one big litterbox. Sales of our merch—
Frisky scratching posts, Frisky balls
of string—will go through the roof.