June 18, 2021 A Rough Start  

so much to write
with a computer
who double types  
yes I said who
sheheit has a brain
or a poltergeist inside
mysteriously changed settings
indicate a mean streak  

my triggered finger
not the one I use
to pull a trigger
extends in cramped pain  
hoping not to push  
another key to delete  
letters it did not type  

I need to write poetry
think comedy compose submit
edit revise there is so much
to do where I must sit and type
or write or the other way around
write type comedy think poetry  

I can do both at the same time
many say this is fine
but not today where nothing I do is easy 

the horses load into the gate
I wait for inspiration to get the win
but a rough start in my brain
can’t make my body catch
up to the rest of the field.  

The comedy finishes last
the poet jumps the gun
can’t muster a poetic run
the metaphors turn into exhaled
air holding nary a meaning
the nonsense has begun.