Dear, beautiful, unobtainble one,

I would adore you

and treat you so well

if only you were mine.

We would make such

beautiful magic



Pay no heed

to that cluttered

kitchen table,

a bitter lover

from my past.

She means nothing to me,

I assure you.

She is just a place to stack

and lose important objects.


But you, you my love

will remain unblemished

and sacred.


Do not listen

to the complaints

of the writing desk

stored in the basement,

still waiting for me

to clear enough space

to bring it upstairs.

I do not have eyes for it.

‘Twas a passing fancy

that could never capture my heart

like you do.


O precious one,

please be mine

and go with me

on fantastic adventures

without ever leaving this room.


Oh how I long to luxuriate

in your blessed silence.

How I yearn to dream with you

of magnificent untold tales.

How I ache to be alone with you

and run my fingers across

your smooth surface.


I would give anything to have you, darling.

And I would visit you every day,

our time together

sweeter than wine.


Please wait for me, beloved,

until the day I can possess you.