Last year I wrote about global warming
In “Perhaps”
Which was chosen for this year’s anthology
I’m bummed they didn’t ask me
I don’t think it was my best one

On the other hand
Maybe I should assume that people who
Publish poetry anthologies
Know more about it than I do  

In that poem I proved that
Increased carbon in the air
Is unstoppable
No matter what we do

Even if we all killed ourselves
Our only moral choice
If we truly believed  

So I had a great idea
Have everybody breathe 20% less
We’re just sitting around typing anyway
It’s only 4 breaths per minute
We could do it if we concentrate  

But it wasn’t a great idea
Human breathing only accounts for 8%
And we’re not adding any
Just recycling
It’s sequestered  
We have to burn stuff
To add more  

So I had a great idea
It wasn’t really me
I’ve probably never had
A great idea but I thought

Solar panels
I ignored all the awful pollution
Produced when making them 
And, like last year, did a little math

Average energy consumption
Average hours of full sunlight
Average panel efficiency
Every person needs a tennis court
Seven billion tennis courts