Today, June 20, 2020 of the Gregorian calendar
our Summer Solstice

the day which marks the longest daylight day
of the year in the Northern Hemisphere as a result
of maximum tilt and positioning of Earth’s axis
relative to our closest largest star, the Sun
giving Alaska in the USA boasting rights for most daylighted hours

Today also marks the first day of any summer in my lifetime
met with a scary pandemic, utterly disheartening civil unrest, 
and dangerous political firestorms–
a life-sucking miasma of consequences and questions

an astronomical summer start to be sure

but the sunshine this first day
is the thing of hope which warms
my face and greets my heart with
grand possibilities for answers
life-giving opportunities to prevail
if we only rise to the challenges and
step out of the shadows–
perpetual summer solstice